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I had a lot of fun visiting the outdoor antiques shows at Brimfield, Massachusetts this week. The weather was delightful, perfect for tromping through field after field looking for treasures and chatting with dealers. There seems to be a new crop of dealers trying their hand at shows in recent years, people who may have collected and attended shows and now want to turn their love of antiques and collectibles into a business.

From conversations overheard, shoppers were really putting the squeeze on dealers in negotiations, and longtime vendors seemed frustrated that buyers were not giving them room to make a profit. It's tough all over, offline and online!

I met Palmer Pakerek of Ruby Lane who was handing out tote bags, and he gave me an update on the new marketplace in this video.

Our friend Gary Sohmers of WexRex and Antiques Roadshow fame was wheeling and dealing with buyers in his tent that was chockfull of records, posters, toys, and vintage items. Gary epitomizes what's fun about collecting, as you can see in this video.

I also met dealer Doug Kirkpatrick, who is producing a new television program called Antique Warriors that he is hoping will get picked up on cable, he explains the concept in this video.

Shortly after our last newsletter in August, Alibaba announced it was acquiring Auctiva. And on Friday, eBay CEO John Donahoe spoke at Alibaba's annual Alifest conference. Let us know what you think sellers will get out of eBay's cooperation with Alibaba in the AuctionBytes Blog comments.

Craigslist has been in the news for its adult services section, and also because a judge finally made his ruling in the eBay versus Craigslist corporate governance lawsuit. I covered the trial in December, and you can find my analysis of last week's ruling in this AuctionBytes Blog post. Next up is the Craigslist versus eBay trial in San Francisco, which promises to be as interesting as the first trial.

Another ruling last week has put the First Sale Doctrine in jeopardy, which could have far reaching effects for sellers of used books, DVDs and software. The U.S. 9th District Court of Appeals ruled against eBay seller Timothy Vernor in his lawsuit against Autodesk, according to NetworkWorld. You can weigh in on the AuctionBytes forums.

It's hard to believe that nine years have passed since September 11, 2001. Here's wishing readers all over the world peace, love and understanding as we cope in these challenging times.

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