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Newspapers Get into the Online Auction Game with Boocoo

George Willard Sr., Chairman and CEO of Ranger Data Technologies, is launching Boocoo, a general purpose online auction site focusing on what the newspaper industry refers to as private party items. Private party (General Merchandise) is for the most part, unique, one-of-kind items; the site will also have fixed-price items and stores, but they will be kept separate from auction items. Boocoo's unique aspect is the partner network of local media outlets it have assembled. "By partnering with newspapers and TV stations, we will gain immediate exposure to 22 million readers and untold viewers from the three initial TV markets. There are currently almost 300 newspapers in the network, and 3 TV stations. The network will use their combined reach to promote boocoo in print, broadcast and on their respective websites." Final value fees will be approximately 6% of the first $1000; enhancement fees are still being determined. Look for the site to launch soon.


StuffBuff Embeds Online Auctions for Bidding on the Go

StuffBuff lets you host auctions on the go using embedded auction windows, so you can share or participate in viral auctions "just as easily as you would share or watch an embedded YouTube video on a blog page." All the bells and whistles using the latest technology (but no sniping). Fees: 25-cent auctions, $1.50 reserve fee, and 5% commissions. Learn more about StuffBuff here.


Adbirds Classifieds Site

Adbirds calls itself a "buy local site with a twist of eco-consciousness." It's an online shopping site founded last year by Randall Stephens featuring free online classified advertisements with sections devoted to categories like employment, real estate, services, sporting goods, transportation, antiques and more.


Reminder: AuctionBytes-Update does not endorse the products and services featured in the This & That column, which often features new Web sites. (Anyone can set up a Web site.) Online fraud has become widespread, and you should think twice before giving private information or User IDs and passwords to any third party.

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