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Bonanzle may be poised to change the landscape for small sellers after raising $1 million in angel funding (link to news story). This is a significant event in the P2P landscape, and I'll be conducting a podcast interview with founder Bill Harding this week to learn more about his plans to grow the site.

eBay announced the second of three updates it will make this year that affect sellers. In the first round, eBay radically changed its fee structure and eliminated Store inventory format. Sellers had one month to get used to those changes - along with new seller performance standards - before eBay announced its second round of changes.

And as Round 2 begins rolling out in the summer, expect eBay to announce Round 3 in July.

Among the changes eBay announced on April 27 are a new way eBay measures seller performance: beginning in September, eBay will start counting buyer claims as a black mark on seller records, even if the case is ultimately found in the seller's favor. Other changes include the use of anonymous email addresses for buyer-seller communication; a change in the automatic feedback reminders sent by eBay; new values for specifying Item condition; and new bulk editing functionality.

Our coverage of the announcement included news articles, blog posts and a podcast interview with eBay's Vice President of Seller Experience Todd Lutwak, you can find links to the coverage on this AuctionBytes Blog post.

In today's issue, we also have the results of the survey we conducted in April to measure the effect of eBay's latest round of changes - the elimination of the Store inventory format, and Julia Wilkinson reports on the eBay app for the Apple iPad.

And if you want a chuckle, don't miss David's unique take on a presentation by eBay CEO John Donahoe at the annual shareholder's meeting on Thursday. David put the presentation to music in a 3-minute parody - go to the AuctionBytes Blog for a link to the podcast.

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