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Hi, Ina -
I can't be the only seller who wonders what the PURPOSE is of the Seller Outreach phone calls from ebay. The callers have a script with very superficial information. I've listened to several of their calls until they finished their script and can't imagine what kind of seller would appreciate/benefit from this kind of call. Now I just tell them that I've already spent hours studying whatever it is they're calling about and think their time could be better used with another seller.

I'd much prefer that these resources be put into funding more customer service reps for those instances when I actually NEED information that I can't find on the site.

What is particularly aggravating is that these annoying calls usually come on the heels of a complex set of ebay changes, which aren't addressed in any depth whatsoever. Example: Do you know that ebay has introduced changes in search that advantage sellers who have high DSR's? How is that question helpful to any seller?

If you publish my comments, please don't include my name or seller ID. I rarely voice criticism of ebay as I have a lot of respect for the thought that goes into their policies (even when I don't agree with them), but these calls are just plain silly in my opinion.


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