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If you could ask the U.S. Postal Service a question, what would it be? You can see what your colleagues are asking in this AuctionBytes Blog post. I will be rounding up the questions and will submit them to the USPS on your behalf, and report back with their answers.

Marketing is just as important as shipping to a small seller (after all, if no one is finding your products, you won't be doing any shipping!). If you've expanded your sales channels but are asking, where are all the customers,'s Jeff Gawronski has some marketing tips for you in today's issue - and he'll be back in the next issue with tips for creating a more profitable Google Adwords Campaign.

Once you have shoppers visiting your site, customer reviews can be a powerful way to clinch the sale. PowerReviews CEO Pehr Luedtke wrote a special guest column for today's AuctionBytes Update to explain how small and medium size retailers can leverage customer reviews to drive more sales, and uses real examples from retailers to drive home his points.

All readers who are keeping an eBay Store through the new fee changes (March 30, 2010) should be aware that the fee for using the Subtitle feature is changing from 2 cents per listing to $1.50, as an AuctionBytes reader reminded us. This discussion board thread on eBay may also be of interest.

Craig Newmark is founder of Craigslist and probably has the most experience of anyone doing online customer service. (Yes, his title at Craigslist is Customer Service Rep.)

I interviewed Craig last week to find out if he had any tips on customer service he could share with our readers. Look for the interview in Monday's AuctionBytes Newsflash newsletter.

Thanks for reading.

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