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Seller's Choice Marketplace Ratings:

By Ina & David Steiner

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In January 2010, AuctionBytes surveyed over 1,400 online sellers and asked them to rate the marketplaces on which they had experience selling. An introduction to the survey along with a summary of the overall ratings can be found here, with a link to the results of each of the 15 online marketplaces included in the survey.


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Year Established: 1999
Description: Auction Format. Fixed Price. Storefronts. General merchandise.
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This international website is more established in Europe, but is pushing into North America. Sellers who like the auction format are attracted to its features and size. eBid gets an average rating in Profitability, but above average in Customer Service, Communication and Ease of Use. In the comments, sellers said they liked the site, pages were fast-loading, and they liked the customer service, but were not experiencing many sales. Sellers seem willing to wait and see, it seems clear eBid needs to get traffic from buyers. eBid rated eighth out of fifteen as a recommended selling venue.

Reader Comments - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly:
ebid is such an easy site to navigate and after a revamp seems even better,customer service from ebid is fantastic
Very fast loading pages, customer support take any concerns very seriously. Sales are on the up and up. Free to list items and very easy to navigate as both a buyer and seller. This site started of slow but just keeps getting better and better and is 1 of only a few services that offer a real international trading platform.
Ebid allows various forms of payment services, no enforced Paypal. Customer service is great on ebid no automated replies to customers queries.
Selling on alternate site is different. Having frequent sales depends not on listing a limited amount of your best items for 7 days, BUT rather listing a large number of items that are kept on for longer period. Listing few items gets no sales. Listing a certain amount (i.e. 100, 200, 2000) gets daily sales. Seller has to find level of listings that generate the desired amount of daily/weekly sales. Google link/ download is fast, often within 15 or 20 minutes my items are listed in google searches. Fantastic new buyers give me daily sales (exception, last week I had 60 sales).
For a small site, ebid as made numerous good changes to improve the site. Ebid charge a small % only if item sells, no paying over & over for relist fees. No Geographic locational sales as experienced on ebay.
I have not sold a lot there yet, but the environment is supportive and friendly. Emails are answered, everyone seems to want to help everyone else. Really a positive place to be
*** does not allow duplicate accounts and takes shilling seriously. Moves quickly to break up "fights" between members and does not allow abuse of other sellers. Buyer must also "toe the line" with no temper tantrums that were allowed on ebay. A buyer who issues a negative for item shipping one day late, will have the negative reversed, and risks suspension. In the year I have been here, I have not been threatened, negatived, told off, called names, and it is a welcome change I assure you. Management sets the tone, the tone is polite.
*** gets it all right. Friendly, fair, and #1 in alternative auction sites in the world. No surprise suspensions, no restricting sellers giving feedback, no permantent feedback (negatives can be changed within hours), and friendly group of sellers and buyers world wide. Forums are funny, any nasty forums get pulled immediately. Management sets the tone. We even have gift exchanges at Christmas!
Have been with ebid for around 14 months and since the recent re-vamp I have had my best month ever. Sellers are treated as ebid's customers not the buyers which is how it should be. This makes sellers need to give good customer service to the buyers.
Ebid is a very nice site, wonderful customer service, and easy listing. On the downside, there is not many buyers. I hope that this changes in the near future and am sure that it will as long as Ebid continues to improve.
Sellers must do their own marketing/selling because the traffic is lower. This involves getting items into google searches, contacting old customers, marketing in local areas (malls, antique shows), things we did not have to do because ebay did that. Now it is more work but we keep more profit. I am a Seller+ ($49 special, now 99) so pay no listing fees, no relisting fees, get 5 free stores ($16.99 each on ebay), 5 free photos in listings, and pay only 2% when item sells. Two percent!!!
I have not sold a lot but I have sold. The initial investment I got back with what I sold plus a profit. But you can have a store and leave it there without any cost only when you sell. I like that. I still am confused exactly how it works and I have been there for over a year! I have sold more in the last month though which was great for me.
Ebid is really not that bad. But they failed to secure a dot com domain, and the US that's the kiss of death. Typing into a browser just feels like a phishing scam... it's too bad, catchy name, lots of web traffic but little US visibility, ebid could have been the heir apparent but they blew it.
3 years ago i took their $50 for life deal. i listed 200 assorted items which are either everyday artsy stuff to one of a kind 4-figure items. i have never had a single sale or even question. ebid may sell stuff but not unique collectibles in my experience.
I've been on for almost 6 months. My store/listings get lots of views and I have made a few sales. I am hopeful that the site will continue to get more traffic and sales will increase. I rated customer service and communication lower because you have to almost totally rely on the forums to get answers to your questions. However, I have not had a question or problem that I wasn't able to either figure out on my own or get the answer I needed through reading past posts in the forum.
Great site in many ways but hasn't really caught on in N. America so buyers are still few. Also, they force you to list on the site on your own country (i.e. Ebid Canada) where I would far prefer to list on the U.S. site in U.S. funds. Another drawback is they are only international to a handful of countries, even for buyers. They have made things too complicated with wanting a website for each participating country. They would have been better off with just a U.K. and U.S. site where everyone (all countries) could list if they so chose.
Closed my account with them after three years and one sale. The communication is terrible. No customer service at all.
Difficult to set up listings, would be better if I could import listings from other sites.
Sales are very few (it took 3 years to make first sale!!!). I'm happy to sell there only because fees are so low but it's too slow to be important to us as an outlet. The so called friendly people on the ebid forum are so blinkered and determined to justify the 50 life time fee they wasted that it's a waste of time trying to ask why things are so bad - they just attack you and tell you to go elsewhere! Ebid need to wake up and open their eyes if they hope to ever improve.


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We thank all readers who took the time to rate the marketplaces. If you have comments about the survey results or the survey itself, please feel free to post them in the AuctionBytes Blog.


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