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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From feedback to payment services, from increased fees to posting policies, AuctionBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.

Hi Ina,
I hope you comment on this thread from the PowerSeller Board on your next newsletter (titled, "20/20 on ABC is Slamming Ebay Jewelry Sellers")

My guess is your column reaches mostly sellers, not buyers, but this one impacts both. Please encourage eBay (the VENUE), to speak out with a written statement to ABC that reassures buyers how to choose a reliable seller on the site.

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You gotta read this thread, Ina:

PayPal's published policy forbids using PayPal to sell tobacco, period. But now PP's shutting the accounts of people who sell humidors, briar pipes, empty cigarette cases, etc.


Dear Ina,
Just a heads-up for all your readers. I just received a notice from the USPS that they will be discontinuing the Shipping Assistant program and service in January, 2006.

This is bad news for me and anyone else who may have a supply of self-adhesive labels that work with Shipping Assistant because they do not work with Click 'N Ship, which is what we all will have to start using in January.

I've called USPS headquarters (202-268-2000) to protest its cancellation, but to no avail. Maybe if more people call in protest it might prevent it from happening. I hope so. It's one of the programs that really works well. I've tried Ship 'N Click, but it's nowhere near as good.

I've got 1000 8 1/2" x 11" two-up labels that I now need to dispose of.
This is our government in action against us.
A long time subscriber


I don't know offhand if these sites offer gift certificates, but due to my experiences with Paypal, I chose last year to walk away from them, and accept different online payment services.

StormPay, PayStone, and iKobo (along with BidPay). I have yet to use PayStone, but I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with the others (a HUMAN BEING actually picks up the phone at iKobo and actually HAS KNOWLEDGE! (gasp). Much, MUCH better than Paypal!


If you want some news why not report on the fact that PayPal shipping has not been working for almost a week. Major problem for those who are set up to use it.

I think the important issue for users is the fact that the outage was not mentioned by PayPal until you were in the process of trying to print the mail label. I don't use UPS but PayPal indicated a problem with both USPS and UPS labels. You waste time setting it up then Wham. It does not work.


Hi Ina,
I really enjoy your Newsflash. I have a quick question for you. Do you know of any easy to use but powerful picture/video software to easily place multimedia on an ebay auction? In fact if you know any cool software that enhances the look of an auction, that would help as well.

Editor's Note: Here's an article we ran last year on services that help you put video in online auctions:
A good way to look for eBay tools is:


I'm new to auction online but have done a lot of research for ebay to try to figure out why I was slow. I noticed it's slow through my whole category and your newsletter lets new business owners explore other auction sites and is a wealth of knowledge to a ignorant web business. Thank You for being here.


RE: eBay's Get It Fast feature

You probably already know about this, but Ebay is implementing a new Get-it-Fast program to highlight sellers who will ship in 1 business day and who will offer an overnight shipping service. They are changing core search to allow search filters for these sellers. They are changing all item pages.

Sellers have been begging them not to make the change for over a week on this thread: They have ignored sellers and are proceeding with the feature.

The first side-effect / glitch has been reported in this thread:

Here is another thread where sellers are furious that ebay is now showing delivery times when the shipping method is specified. The problems are that the time says "days" instead of "business days", most services do not meet these delivery times during holiday seasons, etc.

One example is that media mail is shown to have a delivery time of 2 to 9 days. Media mail often takes 2 weeks or more during normal shipping times. During the holidays, it is horribly slow.

Ebay is raising the expectations of buyers in order to try to boost sales. When the inevitable problems arise because of the misleading shipping information, they will no doubt want "the buyer and seller to work it out." (Please do not publish my e-mail address.)


Take a look at this thread... (why do they do this at Christmas??)

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