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This and That: Online Auction Roundup

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Reminder: AuctionBytes does not endorse the products and services featured in the "This & That" column, which often features new Web sites. (Anyone can set up a Web site.) Fraud has become widespread in the online auction world, and you should think twice before giving private information or User IDs and passwords to any third party.


New eBay SYI Listing Form

eBay is designing a new Sell Your Item (SYI) form and has made available a test version called "SYI: Early Access." Now is the time to try it out and give eBay feedback - while they can still make changes.

******** Alibris Moves Forward

These past weeks online booksellers have had to deal with changes in the industry as Amazon removed its affiliation with both and Alibris and then announcing it would, like Google, begin the digitization of books. (Read more on Bookologist.)


eBay-Related Blog

Mark O'Neill, who writes a regular column for AuctionBytes, has a blog in which he discusses eBay, Google, pop-culture and news.


Antiques Roadshow Celebrates Ten Years

The Antiques Roadshow television program turns ten years old in January 2006. The three-time Emmy-nominated series continues to be PBS's most-watched. The tenth season premiers January 9, 2006 at 8pm ET on PBS (check local listings) and marks the debut of Mark L. Walberg as series host.


PBS: Making Your Fortune Online with Marsha Collier

eBay PowerSeller and author Marsha Collier's new television project debuts on PBS public television stations this month. Marsha has a list of local stations airing the program on her website.


eBay Changes Trading Assistant Requirements

In November, eBay raised the requirements for Trading Assistants (TA). The experience required for becoming a TA increased from 50 to 100 feedback. And the activity level required to become and remain a TA increased from 4 successful listings over the past 30 days (to become a TA) and 1 successful listing over the past 30 days (to remain a TA) to 10 successful items over the past 90 days. eBay said the changes are intended to increase the experience and activity level for TAs found in the TA Directory on eBay. These changes also provide a longer time period for TAs to remain qualified for the program. This allows TAs to take some time off without worrying about getting removed after 30 days.


eBay ''Opinion of Authenticity'' from

Online antiques and collectibles resource site announced that all appraisers on their website are now offering an Opinion of Authenticity when customers choose the eBay Opinion service. This service allows for a customer to request an expert visit an auction listing (either current or completed) and give their opinion as to the value and authenticity of an item listed for sale on eBay. Customers must agree to an "Authenticity Understanding" prior to requesting this service and are clearly advised that this opinion is by no means a guarantee of Genuineness or Authenticity and that any item must be inspected in-person in order to have a proof-positive verification. The price of an eBay Opinion remains at $9.95.


Redesign Your Website for Firefox

MarketingSherpa has a new report of interest to website owners called, "Why You Should Consider Budgeting a Site Redesign for Firefox 1.5 Now." Many PC users browse the web with Windows Internet Explorer (IE), but the Firefox browser is getting ever more popular. MarketingSherpa said shopping carts and registration forms can break in Firefox, so webmasters need to pay attention. You can view the report online through December 9, 2005.

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