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EB-Update Issue #154 - November 06, 2005.

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Auction Software FAQ: How can I tell if I'm being phished?

Hoax emails, also called phishing emails, are more than a nuisance - they aim to steal your identity. Andy Geldman tackles the question, "How can I tell if I'm being phished?" in today's Auction Software FAQ.

Skype: Press One to Have Your eBay Question Answered

In today's column, Mark O'Neill explains how he used Skype to offer customer service in his eBay listings.

Building Your Own Ecommerce Website: My Experience with Yahoo SiteBuilder

Renee Visalli was ready for a website, but did not want to pay large sums to a designer. She used Yahoo SiteBuilder to create a site for her small greeting-card business and shares her experience in today's issue.

Online Charity Auctions: A Win-Win Business Strategy

eBay PowerSeller David Yaskulka kicks off his new column on online-charities by talking to some practitioners. Listing charity auctions on eBay, cMarket or other auction sites can help make the world a better place and reap rewards for your business at the same time.

This and That: Online Auction Roundup

Online USPS shipping labels; Advertising by the pixel; Side-by-side eBay/Amazon search results - all this and MORE in our This and That column!

Collector's Corner: Cat People

Cat people collect anything and everything, as avid collector Michele Alice explains. Find out some of the hot cat collectibles and resources to learn more in today's column.

AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From feedback to payment services, from increased fees to posting policies, AuctionBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.