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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

Re: eBay Limits Seller Payment Choices over Safety Concerns

The new policy excludes any potential Google payment service from being allowed on eBay. And safety has nothing to do with it.


I can't help think that eBay's safe payments policy is much akin to the way Saudi Arabia is keeping its women safe by not allowing them to do anything that does not require a male monitor as an escort.

Almost like Jim Crow laws were intended to safeguard the African American residents of the South.

"We have your best interest at heart, our profiting from this is merely an unforeseen serendipitous byproduct."


First off keep up the great work!!! I am an 8 year seller on eBay. I recently starting listing some CD's to sell on Amazon. My question is about their commissions. This is very confusing to me. It is supposed to be .99 listing fee and 15% of the selling price. So lets say I sell a $10 cd. The commission should be $2.49 right? No, they charge me $3.14. Can you help me out. I have read the pricing page but I seem to be missing something. Maybe you can help me out. Let me know.
Thanks in advance!

Note from the editor:
This article explains Amazon's new policy
and this page shows where the extra 65 cents came from on Ron's bill
If you think it's confusing, let Amazon know - they told me sellers asked for this.


Hi Ina,
I watched auctionbytes tv yesterday for the first time. Love it. Great news presented in a really professional way. It was great to see you on TV as well.

Also re the letter about thrift shops, what we are doing here in Sydney is acting as trading assistants for many thrift shops, that way we still make money by helping them sell their items and they benefit from selling their items to a larger marketplace. So I encourage anyone with that problem to team up with the thrift shop in question

Thought you would like to know our business is gaining slowly, we will be running training courses next month and are planning a really big push to get charities and non profits in aus to use eBay to fundraise. It's a very "untapped" market so far here.

Well regards from down under. Hope to see you here one day!


I just wanted to know if you had seen the newsletter this month? It's all about Minipreneurism...about online auctions. There's one new item I think is really quite cool. Its a portable light cube from the same material they make pop up tents. Here's the link:

I'd also like to know if you have ever done a story or know about these Chinese companies who now have art factories where they have these artists copy Self Representings Artists work and sell them as originals and under the artist's own name for very very low prices? This is becoming an increasing problem as we try to sell our original art. And ebay has been less than responsive to our complaints. We try to police this ourselves but it is very very difficult!

Anyway, Thanks for your great newsletter!


I read your article in AuctionBytes regarding Blackthorne. It was very well written, but clearly indicates you have not used the product.

Perhaps you should take a personal look at the programs yourself. You should also ask the users what they think. You can get some idea of the issues that the programs have through

The programs are exceptionally slow, and so resource intensive that other programs cannot run simultaneously, even on state of the art computers. They are full of major bugs, and have been released before they are even completed. Instead of going through the necessary testing and QA phases, testing was done by non-technical Ebay users who were thrilled to be chosen to participate. When issues and problems arise, Blackthorne developers have godlike power to either make the changes, ignore the issues, or tell the users to live with it. Since these developers are not held accountable by anyone for producing a professional product, what has resulted is more garbage that is being forced down the throats of the public. And Ebay, having the monopoly on auctions online, is only interested in the additional fees it will generate, not if the paying customers are satisfied, and certainly not in producing a quality product they can be proud of.

Blackthorne is a disgrace to it's profession. And it's sad that it's products are being endorsed by professionals who obviously have not investigated what they are endorsing. But, I have faith in the people. Sooner or later, Ebay's arrogance and unethical practices will be the demise of the company.

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