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Nabit: Bringing the Power of eBay to the Desktop

By Mark O'Neill

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The power of eBay is coming to a desktop near you thanks to an innovative company that wants to change your eBay experience for the better. Digonex Technologies is an Indiana-based company that is developing a desktop software application that eliminates the need to sign into the eBay website to accomplish many tasks.

The software, called "Nabit," is a free eBay-compatible product. It allows you to do a multitude of things, such as monitor your feedback, track your watch lists, see your bought items, search for items on eBay and even place a bid for an auction - all from your desktop. The program updates every five minutes, or you can manually update it yourself.

The program is a type of widget, which allows you to place useful tools directly on your computer desktop so you don't have to open up applications each time you want access to them (

At the moment, the software is only for eBay USA, but Nabit is working on Version 1.2, which will cover eBay Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. This version is due out in November and will include new features, such as being able to export your watch lists from Nabit to your "My eBay" page. A global version of Nabit, which will include versions in different languages (including German, which makes me happy), is due out early next year.

Nabit is an "eBay Compatible Application." When you sign on to Nabit for the first time, you're taken to eBay to sign in through eBay's Auth & Auth program (

The interface is well designed, aesthetically pleasing and a thrill to use. That is Nabit from the perspective of the buyer. Now let's flip the coin and look at Nabit from the point of view of the seller.

Sellers can order custom-made Nabit software programs, which will be free until the international version comes out next year.

With your own version of Nabit, you can manually insert up to ten of your live auctions. You can then offer the software free of charge to your customers, who would hopefully download it. Upon opening Nabit on their computer, they would see your auctions, continually updating with the auction picture (if you provide one) and a button to place a bid. You can change the auctions anytime via the Nabit website and they automatically update in customers' versions.

According to Digonex, 41 percent of auctions bid through Nabit are eventually won by the buyer.

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