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Auction Software FAQ: What Software Is Available for Overstock Auctions?

By Andy Geldman

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In this column, I will answer some common questions about software for online auction users. Some of these questions are ones I have been frequently asked, while others address areas that are not well understood, or have myths to dispel. If you have a question you would like to see answered here please contact me at the email address below.

Today's question is, "What software works with Overstock Auctions?"

Building an auction site requires sellers - lots of them - and the more items they list the better, so it pays to help sellers get their inventory onto your site. Software automation is the key to bulk listing, and Overstock has recognized that by creating their own listing tool as well as working with established auction-management providers.

O-Lister is Overstock's own free listing tool, and third-party solutions include ChannelAdvisor, Meridian, Zoovy, Infopia, Truition, and Marketworks. Overstock tends to have a free listing period when a new provider comes online, and new Marketworks users can currently list up to 1,000 items for free (see Overstock Auction Management Tools page for details - link below).

Support for Overstock goes beyond seller tools. There is PDA and cell phone support using O-Anywhere, searching from DealCloset and MyBaboon, and a handful of other programs - see the Auction Software Review's list of Overstock tools for more information. Overstock affiliates have access to data feeds, so be on the lookout for new software and web services based on Overstock auction data.

Overstock Auction Management Tools:

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