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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

Re: eBay's New Family & Friends Shill-Bidding Policy

Ebay previously said friends, family and employees bidding on items was OK as long as the legitimate intent was to purchase it, not simply run up the price. New policy announced today.

So, if you are friend, employee or family member of a seller, and thus might be more inclined to bid on their item than one offered from someone in China, your LEGITIMATE transaction can result in ebay's referral to law enforcement?



Re: PayPal Policy requiring the acceptance of credit cards

As a buyer, this is great news! Hope all is well.


There was a time - years ago - when eBay was the answer to getting rid of "things" and recycling the $$ into other "things" that we needed. Now the final straw! As if the eBay fee structure wasn't hefty enough - now they are forcing folks like me to get a "business" account with PayPal so that indirectly "they" can get another nearly 3% of the final selling price.

Isn't there ANYPLACE else besides eBay where folks like me can sell without turning over all of the profits to those who are already dripping with diamonds & millions??? Just when I was starting to soften - and was going to try to go back to selling and try some of the "extras" that eBay offers for a price (gallery, etc) they chose to force me to accept credit cards with PayPal. Guess this is one seller, who will use the classifieds in the local newspaper as the "not-so-great" alternative.

eBay has run themselves out of my league.
P.S. If you know of an alternative venue - please share with me how to find it! Sorry for venting.


I'm a long time seller on ebay and a long time user of Paypal. I just recently had a credit card chargeback situation. I lost.

Despite the fact I had several emails between the buyers email address and myself, had shipped the item 6 months earlier for a xmas gift, I ended up out the merchandise, all my fees to ebay and paypal and the money I had been paid. Paypal just went ahead and took the buyer's word and took the money out of my paypal account.

Nothing I could do, despite all the hollering I did about the unfairness of the situation. This just isn't right!


Re: Adding Visual Punch to Your eBay Auctions

SLIDETOUR - Vendio has the same gallery feature for $2.95 a month!


PayPal has removed the "Fee Amount" from the transaction details page. I would be interested to hear their reason for removing this info. You get an email with a link to the payment details. Previously it had all the details including the "Fee Amount" but now it no longer displays the fee. Out of site out of mind? Im sure that's the reason. What does this say about the character of the company?


Please note this article on requiring an auctioneer's license for being a trading assistance on eBay or eBay sales in general:

Next meeting is in early August...I'm wondering if letter writing is in order?
p.s. It takes 2+ years to become an auctioneer in TN because they require 2 years of being an apprentice!

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