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Auction Software FAQ: Software for the Mac

By Andy Geldman

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In this column, I will answer some common questions about software for online auction users. Some of these questions are ones I have been frequently asked, while others address areas that are not well understood, or have myths to dispel. If you have a question you would like to see answered here please contact me at the email address below.

Today's question is, What auction software is available for the Mac?

The Apple Mac computer has risen in popularity in recent years, with excellent product designs, a new operating system, and renowned ease-of-use. Although many Mac users also own a Windows-based PC, they are a loyal breed and prefer to use their Macs whenever possible.

There are many web-based tools for eBay users, most of which should work with Safari and other Mac browsers. But sites vary and there are still incompatibilities that make sites unusable for some users - anyone who doesn't use Internet Explorer on a Windows PC should test sites in their preferred browser before paying for access.

Downloadable auction software for the Mac does exist. The main choices are programs built with cross-platform languages such as Java, or applications developed specifically for the Mac. The first camp includes AuctionSieve (searching), JBidWatcher (sniping), and MarketBlast (auction-management tool). These are excellent searching, sniping, and auction management tools respectively, with the added bonus of the first two being free. Software purpose-built for the Mac includes iSale, GarageSale, and Auction Monitor.

For more information try searching the Mac Products Guide or SourceForge's Java section for "ebay" or consult the Auction Software Review's list of Mac tools.

Links to Mac Software

Auction Software Review Mac Tools:

AuctionSieve (searching)

JBidWatcher (sniping)

MarketBlast (auction-management tool)



Auction Monitor


Macintosh Products Guide:'s Java section:

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