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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From feedback to payment services, from increased fees to posting policies, AuctionBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.

Hi Ina,
First, I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much AuctionBytes has helped me in my quest to set up my store and website. You are an invaluable resource to us all.

Here is my main pet peeve: if eBay buyers and sellers are sooooooooooo important to the USPS, as their recent press release claims (even going so far as to print co-branded flat rate boxes!), maybe they should act like it?

I cannot count how many times I've had the "if-you-don't-take-an-acceptance-scan-of-this-I-don't-have-any-proof-that-it-was-shipped" argument with counter clerks, who SWEAR that once your label is printed at home it's in the system. That's because that's what they've been told by their superiors.

Clearly, neither they nor their superiors have actually visited their own website to see what message is returned when looking up a "tracking number" (which "tracks" nothing) for a package that's never been scanned. As I remind all of them: once I print a label at home, there's nothing stopping me from never shipping the package at all, or taking it to the dump. Label printing IS NOT shipping.

I have an agreement with my local postmaster that all packages we bring to them will be scanned without an argument. That only works if we go to our local post office. Our next-closest, and often more convenient, one flatly refuses to scan, by order of its postmaster.

I hope at least one person from the USPS reads your site, because I want them to know this: my new start-up business (my second one) is going to ship exclusively vis UPS, due entirely to this issue. You've just lost another little chunk of revenue.



Hello Ina......
First may I tell offer my appreciation to you & David for your fine on-line newsletter, full of valuable information.

I just came across the announcement of a new change that is scheduled to become effective in August, which eBay believes will be effective in regard to "Detection and Disposition". The announcement was given during the PowerSeller discussions, by an eBay management person, (I forgot to make note of his name....I think Matt ?) . Here is the exact copy of their information:

Detection and Disposition
(Editor's Note: here's a link to the eBay Chatter newsletter with the announcement:

My immediate reaction to this was and still is "Big Brother"! Reporting has been taking place on eBay, both internally and externally, but the placement of this link on each auction page, seems "over the top" to me. Since this has only been in place in Australia since May 2005, one wonders how eBay concludes "it has been received favorably"? I would appreciate your opinion, and perhaps your forecasts.

Thank you,


Re: Largest Music-Download Store on eBay

I must ask if you looked at this seller's feedback before giving him a thumb's up in your newsletter. If he is the largest ebay store, since sept. 2004, his feedback should be far higher, with huge sales AND as is noted by his feedback percentage, he doesn't qualify as a powerseller and his sales aren't that great all things considered. I am disappointed that you chose to highlight this seller with not so stellar credentials. I look to your newsletters for selling tools and info - not seller endorsements!


Dear Ina,
I am a great believer in digging for trash and occasionally take curbside items. HOWEVER, in many if not most neighborhoods, it is ILLEGAL to remove items left for trash pick-up. Reason: the trash companies are aware of the values and are already in the business of selling some of the items. Their contracts specify that they are the owners of anything left curbside.

Please let your readers know about this fact, so that they can be informed before they decide to engage in this sport.


Re: eBay Australia Seller: eBay Not a Level Playing Field

Hi Ina
If you think that eBay Australia have problems is being totally let down by their management in Richmond. Can provide more info but some of us have been busy posting in this thread (not on a PS board):

If you wish to talk more about this I am happy to give you some time on the phone or on IM etc


Hi Ina and David,
Just wanted to wish you both a safe and Happy Fourth Of July! I also wanted to let you know that your newsletter really helps! As a disabled person, I don't have much pain-free time to get the info about eBay and such that you bring right to me!

Thank you, God Bless, and SEMPER FI !
Tony & Kathy

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