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This and That: Online Auction Roundup

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Reminder: AuctionBytes does not endorse the products and services featured in the "This & That" column, which often features new Web sites. (Anyone can set up a Web site.) Fraud has become widespread in the online auction world, and you should think twice before giving private information or User IDs and passwords to any third party.


eBay Blunders

Lynn Dralle, author of several eBay books including "The 100 Best Things I've Sold on eBay," is giving away a report called "The Five Biggest Blunders Made By Both Buyers and Sellers on eBay." Lynn is exhibiting at eBay Live at Booth 1140.


Toolhaus Tools for eBayers

Toolhaus continues to add services for eBay buyers and sellers in addition to its original feedback tool to look up negative feedback ratings.


eBay Inspection Service

A new inspection service for eBay users launched called Buyers hook up with one of a network of inspectors nationwide and, for a fee, have the inspector check the item they are purchasing before they send payment. According to the website owner, it is a mom-and-pop operation. While interesting, it is unproven as yet.


Online-Auction Trivia from Alibaba

One of our advertisers,, is giving away thousands of MP3 players at eBay Live this week. We managed to reserve 5 MP3 players for AuctionBytes readers who might not be attending the San Jose event. Answer some trivia questions and you could be chosen to receive one of these free players. The only requirement is that the item must be shipped to a U.S. address.

Please send your name and the state in which you reside, along with the answers to the following four questions, to: To be considered, you must answer all 4 questions correctly. We will then choose 5 readers at random and will forward your email to Alibaba so they can send out the players to you directly. (If you're attending eBay Live in person, you can still respond.) We will announce your full name (but not email address) in the next issue.

If you are attending eBay Live, visit the Alibaba suites at the Hilton and Marriott Hotels (Presidential Suites) adjoining San Jose McEnery Convention Center where eBay Live is held. During their receptions (12 - 2 pm every day) Alibaba will be giving away MP3 players, and you can learn more about their service (inventory sourcing from China).

Trivia Questions

  1. Who is Sabine Ehrenfeld?

A) Woman who sold ad space on her stomach on eBay

B)'s "All about the O" spokesmodel

C) The creator of the first online auction site

D) PayPal's very first customer

  1. Who was eBay's first president?

A) Jeff Housenbold

B) Jeff Skoll

C) Jeff Jordan

D) Jeff Bezos

E) Jeff Bridges

  1. Which of the following auctions has NOT bid on and won?

A) Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich

B} Abe Lincoln French Fry

C) Haunted Walking Cane

D) Texas-shaped Tortilla

  1. How much does Yahoo Auctions charge sellers?

A) They charge listing and commission fees

B) Listings are free but they charge commissions

C) Listings cost money but there are no commission fees

D) There are no listing or commission fees

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