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EB-Update Issue #144 - June 05, 2005.

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From the Editor

Marketing for eBay Sellers: Part 3 - Promotions

Smart eBay sellers will encourage buyers to come back and purchase from them again. Authors Phil Dunn and Amy Balsbaugh discuss ways to encourage repeat business from happy customers.

Storefront Services: A Guide for eBay Sellers (Part 2)

Andy Geldman introduces us to three different storefronts services - two for high-volume merchants and one for technologically savvy sellers.

The Challenges of eBay Feedback

Reminding your eBay trading partners to leave feedback seems reasonable, but columnist Mark O'Neill discovers some buyers think that's reason enough to leave a negative rating! In today's issue, Mark discusses the challenges of eBay feedback.

This and That: Online Auction Roundup

Negotiate a better shipping rate with your carrier; A list of states that are regulating eBay Trading Assistants; Click away the clutter! All this and MORE in our This and That column!

Collector's Corner: Slide Rules

Before calculators, there were slide rules. Michele Alice gives us the run down on these now old-fashioned calculating devices. Batteries not required!