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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

Regarding Mark O'Neill's article about Papal Memorabilia on eBay

I was reading some of the stories about the papal stuff that's on ebay, and I was surprised to see no mention of the Boat that Pope John Paul used on world Youth Day in Canada. This was covered in a lot of news with bids reaching over $290,000.00. It has actually been re-listed (, I think the reserve was not met the first time.


Re: eBay access problems

I thought you'd like to know that the access problems that eBay reported on for May 1 has been going on, sporadically, for a week now and is still NOT resolved.


Dear Ina,
I have just returned from selling antiques in Roundtop Texas (while also having family time with my son), a twice yearly event consisting 30 miles of antiques, crafts and junk, in Barns, Halls, Garages, and tents, lots of tents. At Roundtop (60 miles east of Austin) they did not get the crowds they expected. For me sales in good American Art Pottery, Porcelain, jewelry and kitchen collectibles were excellent, I try to carry some very good merchandise that have lasting value and some middle of the road items.

Competition is fierce as there are hundreds of dealers who set up there. Marburgers, the most expensive and one of only two shows that charge, have 400 dealers. Too many dealers in our show, Arbor antiques, just had Bric-A-Brac, what we in the profession call "Stuff," and prices are just too high for items that only have a craze appeal. Too many still rely on book prices, which means many pay too much for their merchandise, when it's available, and that's a subject on its own.

I believe in this difficult and slow market, dealers should look at their costs and price accordingly, not rely on a book, because after all it never purchased anything it's just some author's opinion and often biased. Book prices have done more to harm to this industry than any other factor, not counting Ebay.

Just so you could place this information with your Ebay Bites I wanted to make my observations of the antique market and the many dealers who agreed with me, that the business is in decline. As one of my neighbors said, "I think we are all antiqued out." Does this factor affect Ebay? Do you think it has?

Before I left for Texas my Ebay sales were great, now after tax time they are terribly slow. Ebay is definitely affected quickly by the economic news of the day, and I only find I can make sales at this time by sheer numbers of items listed.

Lately your bites seem to rely heavily on Ebay's changes, or new things happening in other countries and not enough of how sellers of antiques are really doing on Ebay here in the US. I also enjoyed the more gossip items of the day, because when it comes to the complex things Ebay is doing I have to rely on my son to interpret the meaning.

So many dealers I talked to have given up Ebay saying its too much work. For me it's a lot of work hauling merchandise to Texas to sell in a tent at very high winds. However I do want you to know I thought the Texas people, especially the ladies, were the most friendly customers I have ever encountered.


How come Ebay in the UK and other internationals always having great deal days, and USA hardly ever does.. Not fair to us the Steady customers.


Re: eBay Releases 2005 First Quarter

I foresee another rate raise. This low profit has got to be brought up. Anything less than 99% is intolerable.
Non owner of eBay stock.


RE: Assembly Bill 1178 and Its Effect on eBay Drop-off Stores

Greetings Ina!
I read this article with interest. Several months ago, I purchased a few thermal printers on eBay which I feel to this day were "hot." There was nothing I really could do about it. Two or three printers for $50 or $60 each. Big deal, right?

So what if the serial #'s were scraped off, and the seller seemed to have a big stack of these things for sale for 20% or so less than "market" price on ebay.

I think having a drop off store work like a pawnbroker is a fine idea. EBay should relax. Heck, they should support any systems that make the ebay system safer. eBay seems to do far too little to police abuse of their system. They should welcome other parties picking up some of the slack.


I had a problem during the night and waited up a few extra hours to phone ebay for their support only to discover there's no support just a menu of voice recorded options which tell you how to navigate to contact them. What's the point of misleading us with phone support when most of the store sellers already know how to navigate ebay.

I also would like to know why is Phone support only available Monday through Friday, from 6am to 6pm Pacific Time, if no live person is answering these calls. When I heard that we were going to get phone support, I didn't mind the recent increase in subscription fees as I assumed I could get instant help rather than waiting an average of 4 days to get a reply from ebay by email. But now I'm extremely angry with ebay and the increase now that I know this new feature is not real phone support or a feature that is worth paying extra for.


Hello Ina,
I have been on your AuctionBytes email list for some time now and just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for what you do. Always informative, sometimes funny and always worth reading; kudos to you and your staff for a job well done! Thank You again for all of your effort!

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