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Collector's Corner: S&H Green Stamps

By Michele Alice

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Since our original article on S&H Green Stamps in January 2002 (, one of the most frequent requests received from readers concerns the values of trading stamps and trading stamp catalogs.

Though trading stamp catalogs - time capsules of common consumer goods - are quite desirable, the stamps and saver books are a bit more problematic: generally, only the older, rarer, and/or mint-condition (unlicked stamps, non-filled saver books, etc.) items are of value to collectors.

The exceptions are S&H, Top Value, and Gold Bond. These companies have undergone electronic makeovers, and though they no longer have brick-and-mortar redemption centers, their stamps, no matter their condition, may be exchanged for "points" redeemable for merchandise. Thus, all their stamps, if not collectible, have at least some nominal value and can be:

  • donated to a charitable organization (A web search revealed several non-profit groups actively seeking donations of trading stamps.);
  • sold, via one of the online auction sites for example; or
  • redeemed by contacting Customer Service at


Gold Bond/Top Value:

As for stamps and saver books from companies like MacDonald Plaid that have ceased operations entirely, the secondary (collectibles) market is in a constant state of flux, and values are best determined by perusing recent online auction sales.

See the original article for more information about S&H Green Stamps:

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