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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

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In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From feedback to payment services, from increased fees to posting policies, AuctionBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.


I have two comments on the article about international shipping ( I have included the relevant paragraphs below. First, if you are shipping books and other printed materials, it is possible to use an Economy M-bag. This is a very economical way to ship books, so it is kept somewhat of a secret. The post office does not actively advertise it. You must ask about it. The rates are usually $11 for the first 11 pounds and $1 for each additional pound thereafter. M-bags can be used for most countries.

Second, when using flat-rate envelopes, it is not true that you cannot use tape. My post office allows me to put a single piece of tape across the top that reinforces the self-sealing portion of the envelope.

Thanks for a wonderful newsletter!


Dear Ina,
I enjoy your newsletter. was down last night for the entire country. Any idea how many eBay members were put out of service? I had about 12 auctions end on eBay last night and I was curious how much I was hurt by the outage.
Best regards,

Here's an article, it doesn't have the number of people affected by the outage. -Ina


Hi Ina,
I enjoy your email newsletter and this current issue that I have just read...prompted me to ask a question. Do you have any information that would be applicable to Canadians?? In particular I was interested in the piece about whether or not to report your Ebay sales as income?? Are their any guidelines you know of for Canadians?


Ina & David~
Wow! What a jam-packed, wonderful issue this is. You obviously never sleep, and have covered every aspect of every current eBay issue.

My husband has always insisted that I report my sales on our income tax, and I am now grateful to him (although it's a pain in the bottom gathering all of the info at tax time). He's always maintained, and rightly so, that everything done on eBay is infinitely traceable by whomever (IRS) chooses to follow up. We may not see the "profit" that those sellers who don't report their income do, but we sure sleep well at night:o)

EBay could sure make things easier by issuing an end of year statement containing their summary of charges, as well as the PayPal fees paid for that past year. I know you can "download to a spreadsheet", etc. etc., but for those of us who don't know a spreadsheet from a top sheet, that isn't any help at all. Any suggestions?

THANK YOU for continuing enabling us to be informed consumers and sellers in so many ways. You are THE BEST!!

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