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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From feedback to payment services, from increased fees to posting policies, AuctionBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.


Re "Illinois Says eBay Trading Assistants Need Auctioneers License,"

It's ALL about MONEY and that's tooooo bad. The little kid selling his baseball cards or the little old lady selling her items for meds can't enjoy it any more. I think Ebay is part the blame for the little people trying to make a buck to. They raise the price on their fees and they make the Ebay system confusing. The old words KEEP IT SIMPLE go a long way. And the government is the biggest dummys. To get the economic flowing and to keep the people happy you need a little free enterprise. WE are not ripping off any one. I have made a business and pay ALL my taxes. We need to lobby the government now or we will see more and more states trying this, and then the only people on Ebay will be the people overseas. How many people use Ebay? The government has no clue. Some one should let them know how much votes are out there, then when they see they may listen.

Thanks and have a nice day, just had to let off some steam.


How about that whopper of a lie Meg told the NY Times reporter in that recent article:

"Some sellers contend that there has been a decline in the percentage of auctions that end in a sale. If that were true, Ms. Whitman said, she would be worried. But she maintains that the percentage of auctions that end successfully has remained fairly constant. "That has not swung very much since the day I walked in the door in 1998," she said."

Wow! If she would utter such an obvious lie like that what else would she lie about? That's incredible! Sell-through in 1998 was close to 100%. Today you are lucky if you have a 35% sell-through. Not even close!


FYI, Ebay raises rates then Charged me for FEATURED GALLERY 6 TIMES $119.70 on a $2 item and told me I had to eat it because they were a business.


I wondered why I was getting emails from people outside the U.S. asking if I would sell to them. Today I discovered why. I went back for the last 30 days and my auctions all say that I will ship to "United States."

I have had "worldwide" on my auctionsubmit preferences forever. Ebay changes that to United States. The only way I can change it is to revise the auction and mark worldwide and check each country. You can NOT revise an auction if it has a bid or is in the last 12 hours. I TRIED!

However, even if it has a bid, you can "add to the description" In MYEBAY, there is NO WAY to indicate whether you want to sell in the U.S. or Worldwide in all the different countries.

I haven't used ebay's selling feature in a long time, so don't know how that is working.

This is a silent glitch that I'm sure is affecting the sales of MANY sellers.

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