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Linking to Your eBay Auctions

By Brian Cohen

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Someone asks you how to find your wares on eBay. "Isn't there a website I can go to?" they ask. What do you tell them?

If you do not already have a website dedicated to your auctions (a "Dot Com" address, eBay Store or storefront), you could instruct the person to go to your eBay "About Me" page.

eBay About Me Page
The eBay About Me page is essentially your homepage, and this is where you can display your Biography or company objective. You can increase eBay users' comfort level by spelling out who you are.

You can insert current auctions into your About Me page (select "Show Your Current Listings"). And you can insert a photo or company logo if you use an image-hosting service.

You can also get a domain with your business name and redirect the domain to your About Me page or eBay Store. For a nominal fee, you can get a domain from NetworkSolutions, Tucows,, Verio, V3 or any other Registrar. There will be a fee for registering your website and sometimes another fee for redirecting that site to your About Me page or eBay Store. What's exciting about this is that you will be creating an actual "Dot Com" web address. V3 offers a website with free web forwarding ( for only $8.95/year (

Adding Auction Links on Your Own Website
If you do have advanced website building skills, you may consider syndicating your auctions. Enter your username at ( at the bottom of the screen (no worries, you needn't enter your eBay password!).

You will be given a link to retrieve your eBay listings in RSS or Really Simple Syndication format. Use this link in conjunction with Feed2Js (a.k.a Newsfeed to Java Script) to get the javascript code for your website.

Here is what the output on your website will look like If you are listing more than a handful auctions a week you should probably get the code to run it on your own server ( rather than cutting and pasting.

You can also use eBay's Merchant Kit to put your auctions on your own Website, a feature AuctionBytes wrote about last year:

Having an easy URL that links to all of your eBay auctions is good marketing. Remember to include it in your email Signature line.

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