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Bandi 'Capitalizes' on eBay's Business & Industrial Category

By Mark O'Neill

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Bandi LLC has carved out an interesting niche for itself in the Business & Industrial section of An eBay certified provider, Bandi offers a listing tool for eBay sellers and also sells items for consignors on eBay Live Auctions.

For those of you who didn't already know, runs a live auction section where you can bid and counter-bid in real time along with others ( It's similar to real-time auction houses like Christies where you can join in the excitement and adrenalin-rush of out-bidding one another in a short space of time. Bandi runs auctions on the eBay Live Auctions platform for its clients.

Operating out of Chicago with six full-time employees, the company was started in 2004 after its president, Scott Carson, was looking for an easier and better way to manage eBay listings. The first Bandi listing tool was made, and from there, the company claims to have sold items worth millions of dollars on eBay. They started out selling medical equipment such as ultrasound, laser and hair-removal equipment.

The listing tool is Web-based from the Bandi Website, not a downloaded program like Turbo Lister. The auction template is fully customizable and the sign-up fee is $2500, with a sliding commission fee of between 0.5 and 2 percent.

"Bandi was built for the Business and Industrial community only," said Bandi CEO Erik Tivin in an email to AuctionBytes, "We are the only listing tool that allows its customers to move their items seamlessly from regular eBay auctions to eBay Live Auctions. If a seller on eBay wishes to liquidate some of their inventory, they can move it and sell it in a live auction format."

According to Mr Tivin, there are no signup or listing fees for eBay Live Auctions. Commissions for Live Auctions sales vary, depending on the type of auction Bandi is running.

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