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EB-Update Issue #136 - February 06, 2005.

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Interview with an eBay Vigilante

In "Interview with an eBay Vigilante," AuctionBytes interviews a "regular person" who has turned his hand to fighting online faud. "Mr. X" has been on a crusade against online scammers and fraudsters since 2001, when he was defrauded on eBay. The story of Mr. X gives an interesting glimpse into the darker side of global online trading.

AuctionBytes Tools for Online Auction Sellers

The AuctionBytes Website has tools for online auction sellers, including discussion forums, an auction calendar tool and pricing charts. Learn more about the online resources at in today's article.

eBay Can Bring out Your Writing Talents

Mark O'Neill shares his experience as an online auction writer in today's column.

This and That: Online Auction Roundup

New books, interesting radio listening, new tools - all here in a "Chock Full" This and That column!

Collector's Corner: Zippo Cigarette Lighters

Cigarettes may be out of fashion, but cigarette lighters remain a classic with collectors. Michele Alice leads an enlightened discussion of the Zippo lighter in today's Collector's Corner column.

AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers