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AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters from Readers

I read your column and find it informative. Missed you at ebay live, I was there but so were 10,000 other people. Just made hotel reservations for san jose on, non-refundable so I guess I must go.

Anyway, I have been searching for a company/program/feature for my auctions, maybe you can assist me

  1. would like to end all fixed price auctions or store auctions or buy it now auctions by pressing one button?
  2. Enter a line in all auctions like "company closed for vacation until sept 2, 2004, no emails will be responded to" then be able to remove all that line at a later date
  3. Be able to end multiple auctions by item number, I now use the ebay feature and have to end auctions one by one.

Sorry to bother you, but I have searched for above options on auctions and cant find them but know they exist. At one of the ebay seminars one of the speakers spoke of #1 but could not name the company because he did not want to promote or advertise the company.

Anyway if you can help it would be great, otherwise I look forward to your newsletter/emails


Reference to eBay adding automation features to its listing tool (

Shouldn't Ebay FIX the problems they presently have before adding more to the plate? Many former ebay sellers have been shafted by ebay. Yet nothing happens. There are still people being over charged and double billed.

There are still sellers being destroyed by ebay's changing of categories willy nilly. They say they listen to us, but everyone I hear from gripes about how the changes are killing their businesses.

My husband and I have left ebay and started our own online store. We left because we couldn't be sure that ebay wouldn't destroy us along with others. Why isn't more investigative reporting being done about the disservice Ebay has done to its loyal sellers?


Re: Shutdown: Fightin' mad!

Do you have any idea where I can post my official displeasure to eBay on this matter?

I searched in vain for 45 minutes to find anwhere on their site where they actually take "feedback" themselves! (they're all about us giving feedback on each other but it seems that they don't have the same mentality for themselves - at least it's completely buried if it's there).


Re: Article about eBay Stores Links policy

Hello! I receive your newsletter and read it from top to bottom. I just wanted to point out that eBay's new links policy really sucks. After reading the announcement be sure to click the link to read the entire policy. There are changes such as not allowing live chat, phone numbers, .com ebay store names, etc. The announcement went out today and the policy was effective July 1st?!?? Customer service is getting nearly impossible (CS between me and my customers that is, eBays CS is non-existent)! I'm sure you would have caught all of these changes anyways but I wanted to make sure they didn't go unnoticed. I'm outraged that ebay is further limiting my ability to communicate with my customers.

******** Hi, i have read this article "Feedback Pouncing for eBay Sellers" but there is also a problem for the buyers of sellers retaliating. If i am a buyer and i make my payment right away and have made good communication with the seller, in turn the seller should then do their part and leave positive feedback and then once the buyer receives the item and is happy then leave feedback also.

Right now what happens is the sellers on ebay seem to be waiting for the buyers to leave feedback first, they do this so if the buyer is not happy and leaves neg feedback the seller then retaliates even though the buyer paid quickly with out incident. i have seen this by checking feedback scores and looking at the times they were left. In my case if i buy something and i am not happy i am scared to leave a neg because of fear of retaliation from the seller so i just leave it at that and i am stuck with a bad product when some sellers won't come good for the items i have won. Now there is a pile of sellers on ebay that have excellent feedback and the only reason is, is because the buyer is afraid of retaliation and does not leave the neg they deserve. So now just for the principal of it i don't even leave feedback, even when i am happy until the seller does first so most of the time there is no feedback left what so ever.

As far as i am concerned the proper way for this to be fair and actually work is for the sellers having to leave feedback before the buyer can. these are some of my thoughts on the subject. Ebay feedback system really is Garbage.

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