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EB-Update Issue #116 - April 04, 2004.

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USPS Reaches Out to Small Businesses with 'Business Line' Program

The U.S. Postal Service has introduced the "Business Line," a program for small businesses. Ina Steiner fills us in on the thinking behind this special line at the post office.

Selling Services on eBay: Bring Your Own Beer

While eBay won't let you sell yourself, your spouse or your dog on the site, you can sell your services. Mark O'Neill explains how he uses eBay to drum up business!

LiveAuctioneers Brings Traditional Auctions to eBay

Going once, going twice,... Experience the excitement of real-life auctions held by some of the most prestigous auction houses from the comfort of your home. Ina Steiner interviews Julian Ellison of LiveAuctioneers to find out how he's helping bring traditional auctions online to eBay Live Auctions.

This and That: Online Auction Roundup

Collector's Corner: Political Campaign Memorabilia

The 2004 U.S. Presidential election campaigning is in full swing, and November can't come soon enough for some. If you're getting grumpy, consider getting in the spirit with some political campaign memorabilia. Contributing Editor Michele Alice gives us a quick lesson on the history of America's favorite sport!

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