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EB-Update Issue #111 - January 18, 2004.

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Online Auction Storefront Series: Selling with a Vendio Store

Online auction sellers often wish to set up their own "store" on the Internet. Nancy L. Hix continues her series on storefront with a review of Vendio Stores.

eBay Productivity Tools I've Tried in 2003

Barbara Shaughnessy shares information about some of the tools she tried out in 2003 for her eBay business. If you use eBay and PayPal, you might be interested in these time- and money-saving tools.

This and That: Online Auction Roundup

Artfact Announces Improvements to Auction Pricing Database; Some new online auction start-ups; Free Listing Days on UK-based QXL next weekend - all this and MORE in our This and That column!

Collector's Corner: You're Never Too Young to Appreciate the Past

How can you pass along the collecting bug to your children? Debrah DiCenso inherited her passion for collecting from her parents, who taught her as a young child to enjoy and respect the antique and collectible that decorated their home. Now Debrah is passing along the joy of collecting to her own daughter.

New Canoe University Adds Digital Photography Course for eBay Sellers

A new course from New Canoe University teaches eBay Sellers how to take photographs to increase their auction bids and final selling prices!

Letters from Readers