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Thanks to everyone who wrote to say they missed the daily AuctionBytes NewsFlash newsletter the week of July 29th. David, Maggie the Auction Hound and I had a wonderful vacation on the coast of Maine. We walked, swam, shopped, ate and slept the week away. Being away from computers was a welcome change!

The day after we came back my mom went into the hospital. She hadn't been hospitalized since she had me 40 years ago, and she was ready to sneak out the back door and go home when nobody was looking. We managed to keep her in until the doctor said she was ready to leave. It made me appreciate all she does, including taking care of my Dad and babysitting Maggie when David and I aren't around. Thanks, Mom!

Luckily I had some great stories lined up for this issue on getting inventory and selling catalogs. I'm also including an article on auction fraud that I wrote for a print newsletter for researchers called, "The CyberSkeptic's Guide to Internet Research" (June 2002 issue). It's a long article, but it's an important topic, so I will publish it in three parts.

We are now certified Nerds! AuctionBytes made it into Robert X. Cringely "favorite links of the week": Cringely is a high-tech columnist who wrote and hosted the hit PBS-TV miniseries "Triumph of the Nerds," a history of the early PC days. Now where did I put my "I'm a nerd" t-shirt?

AuctionBytes is running a contest, and one lucky person will win an autographed copy of Adam Cohen's book, "The Perfect Store: Inside eBay." See details under "This & That."

RoadRunner subscribers have not been receiving their newsletters AGAIN, although it seems the problem was fixed on Friday. This is the third time that our server has been blocked by RoadRunner.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a Buyers Market ad. If you are looking for cool items, browse through the Buyers Market classifieds at:

I hope you are all having a good summer. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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