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Letters to the Editor

Dear Ina,
I have a credit card I use strictly for online purchases. As I use it mainly to purchase books I have a limit of $200 on the card. I feel that I can afford to write off that much if my card is compromised. This way I am not using a credit card that would enable anyone to run up large bills if I get hacked and I don't have a hassle replacing the credit card I normally use for large purchases and for my business.

Several months ago my daughter made a purchase online using her credit card. She sent her card number by email - half the number in one email and the second half of the number in a second email - and was hacked and her card number was stolen. She did not, however, send it encrypted.

She is sadder but wiser now!

In closing I would just like to say I find your column very helpful and informative. Thanks for all your hard work it is appreciated.


I wrote back to Pat, and she told me that they did catch the hacker, and her daughter lost about $50 as a result. Pat also told me that when you deal with the credit card companies, "They will try to talk you into a higher credit limit when you apply for the card, and you just have to stick to your guns and make them understand you really do only want the lower amount."

Thanks for the info, Pat!


Just a note of appreciation for your auctionbytes. You have, with its contents, cleared up a lot of questions I have had, and given me some really great leads on how to market on the web. I particularly appreciate the bookselling recommendations....and now, for the first time, I know why I was summarily rejected from opening a z shop....we already have eight books listed there.

So, a great holiday season for you and yours, and again, my thanks for your very, very welcome email messages.

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