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New Glass Discussion Forum on AuctionBytes Web Site

Check out our new Glass forum in our discussion area at Harriet Wintermute moderates this forum. Harriet has been a part-time eBayer for 2.5 years and a collector since she was young (My Little Pony). She is fascinated by and enjoys collecting Depression and '40s, '50s, '60s glass. Her favorites are Pyrex and refrigerator dishes. For a sampling of refrigerator dishes, check out Harriet's website Stop in and ask a question or share your collection!


c2it Online Payment Service Is Free

In case you missed it, Citibank's online payment service is now free. c2it, which was originally charging buyers (as opposed to sellers) for transactions, is now free to both buyers and sellers! I called their 800 number Friday night at midnight and got a very nice, helpful customer service rep; And I wasn't put on hold! I have great hopes for this service.

*********** Launches Storefronts has launched StoreFronts. The price of StoreFronts vary according to how many items you sell, ranging from $19.95/month for up to 50 products to $44.95/month for 250+ items. Basic StoreFronts are free, and include listings for 10 products and an integrated PayPal shopping cart.

For a chart listing major StoreFront offerings, go to


New Newsletter for Searching eBay

TimeBLASTER has introduced the "Dr. Search Newsletter" to help you search eBay more effectively.

Say you are looking for a Hemingway first edition. Typically there are about 450 "Hemingway" items on eBay. TimeBLASTER say that only about 10% of them are first edition books.

How do you eliminate the 90% that you don't want? Develop a list of "exclusions" and the right additional qualifiers representing the ways different sellers describe 1sts.

For example, by excluding the word "mariel" you will help get rid of items having to do with Hemingway's grandaughter Mariel Hemingway, a model and actress.

By spending a little time constructing a good search, you will save lots of time. To learn how to construct a good search, what "exclusions" are, and more, be sure and sign up for the free Dr. Search email newsletter at


OAUA Update

The Online Auction Users Association board of directors announced a change to its Membership Agreement set to take place on January 17, 2002. The change deals with eligibility for membership to the non-profit group. The current membership agreement is available at The organization also asked members to log on to the site and verify their membership information for the purposes of keeping member rolls current and maintaining the ability to communicate with members as necessary.

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