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EcommerceBytes-Update, Number 16 - June 17, 2000 - ISSN 1528-6703     11 of 12

Letter from Reader - Response to Last Issue's Editorial: 'Real World' Auctions Have Problems, Too

I think we need to tell relatively new buyers and sellers that "real world" auctions have their shady sides too. In most, if not all, there are hidden and unannounced reserves. In most, if not all, there is the rouges row in the back known to bid against the attending buyer's bid.

In one or more nationally known auctions, the auctioneer, even in absolute or nonreserved items, will, after having taken bids from the floor, announce, "folks this item can be sold at another auction for much more money." End of auction and a clearly illegal act.

In most if not all consignors conceal hidden damage. In many, the auction contains items advertised from a certain estate but are consigned items. In most auctions the items are sold as is and there is no recourse except by strong regular buyers who sometimes have power to call for adjustment in price when tricks are discovered. In many auctions known reproductions and restorations are sold unannounced to the unsuspecting and uneducated buyer.

.....The seller on cyber auction can and does build a trusting buyer base by avoiding the shady side of selling. In all auctions, the buyer must be the final judge. The buyer must build such networking friends that he or she feels can be trusted. The buyer must educate one's self and use every buyer awareness in all purchasing situations.

.....When the buyer occasionally makes a bad purchase, even sometimes when misrepresented, he or she must realize that this is part of the auction process of merchandising. The buyer must realize that the very good buy must occasionally cover the shady happening and enjoy the profit of successful buying.

.....Finally, the buyer needs to understand that the price of procurement is all travel, all motel expense and all out of pocket expense going into getting an item. Is it any wonder that cyber auction items seem to bring more money than real auction items?


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