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To continue receiving news that's critical to online merchants and marketplace sellers, sign up for a subscription to EcommerceBytes 411 for an introductory rate of $49/year.

EcommerceBytes 411 is a new paid-subscription email newsletter - we're moving to a hybrid revenue model (subscriber and advertiser supported) that allows us to stay independent and bring readers compelling content in a highly effective format.

We're determined not to mix advertising and editorial content (known as "native advertising" or "content marketing"). And we promise to give you the news you need without wasting your time trying to make our site "sticky" with time-wasting activities.

EcommerceBytes 411 brings you fulltext content direct to your inbox, and we'll issue special alerts when there is urgent, timely news that could affect your business.

testimonial #1checkbox Receive fulltext stories directly into your inbox. Mobile-friendly means you can read them if you're on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone - even when you go offline.

checkbox BONUS ALERTS! Receive alerts when there's breaking news that could impact your business, from rate hikes to outages.

checkbox Be the first to learn when Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other marketplaces make policy changes that impact you and your business.

checkboxBe notified when ecommerce platforms and third-party applications adjust fees or come out with new features.

checkboxStay on top of shipping and fulfillment news so higher rates or possible disruptions don't sneak up on you.

checkboxStay informed of issues impacting merchants, such as sales tax legislation, trademark issues, regulations, and issues such as counterfeiting and lawsuits.

You'll also receive links to our popular website features - including the EcommerceBytes blogs - as well as the following:

checkboxReceive reports of technical issues and outages Ecommerce EKG - don't wonder if you're the only one having a problem!

checkboxLearn what other sellers have to say and make your voice heard through features such as the Letters to the Editor, which brings you news and perspective from your colleagues.

checkboxRate the marketplaces on which you sell. The annual Sellers Choice Awards are a favorite among EcommerceBytes readers. Not only do you get the satisfaction of providing valuable feedback to online marketplaces, you may discover new ways to sell online (or which venues to avoid!).

With an introductory rate of only $49/year (less than a dollar a week), you'll stay informed about developments in ecommerce, shipping (including postal strikes, glitches, and rate increases), Amazon, eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Google, and new laws and regulations, such as sales-tax legislation that is bearing down on US merchants.

Learn about opportunities to save money and become more efficient, and discover new services to help you sell more effectively.

What makes EcommerceBytes different?

Testimonial #2EcommerceBytes is unique in that we report on news completely from the seller's perspective.

We dig into issues, such as why some international merchants pay less to get their packages delivered than domestic sellers and what is being done about it.  Or how eBay changes to feedback could reduce transparency.  Or how Amazon's crackdown on counterfeit goods could prove costly to 3P merchants.

In response to our coverage of a key story impacting merchants, a reader wrote, "This developing story, which is so important to me and tens of thousands of other sellers, has been almost completely ignored in the press and even in business reporting. EcommerceBytes is one of the few places I can go to reassure myself that these problems are real and affecting many people."

Testimonial #3

EcommerceBytes 411 brings you news and information, trends, marketing techniques, and editorial commentary. 

If you want to stay abreast of industry news and be a savvier seller, be sure to sign up today.

Remember: the cost of a subscription related to your business or hobby may be tax deductible.

Invest in your business by subscribing to EcommerceBytes 411: An Independent Newsletter for Independent Sellers providing you with a competitive advantage!

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