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eBay Tool SixBit Gets Faster, Adds Support for Amazon

By Ina Steiner
June 03, 2016

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SixBit has officially released a new version of its software that supports the Amazon marketplace and has added additional features as well. SixBit founder John Slocum was the creator of the popular tool called Blackthorne that eBay acquired many years ago.

Slocum said SixBit 3.0 is the company's first version with Amazon support, "so it is a pretty big step for us," he said.

It's clear to online sellers that Amazon works very differently than eBay, and SixBit has a guide explaining the differences. For example, eBay allows the seller to create their own descriptions, but, as SixBit explains, "When selling on Amazon an ASIN is provided that uniquely identifies the item being sold. Both the pictures and description for the ASIN are stored at Amazon and used in the listing. No description editor or tools of any kind are required for Amazon listings."

Amazon sellers must have Pro Merchant accounts to use the tool. Users selling on eBay or Amazon can use the Enterprise Edition. But users who wish to list on both sites must use the Enterprise Duo Edition, which costs $99.99/month.

Slocum has been working on adding support for Amazon for some time, and as we reported in February, SixBit is also in the process of developing support for the Etsy marketplace.

The latest version offers major speed improvements, a totally customizable input window, and an Item Research tool that allows you to search multiple locations from a single search term. Other enhancements to SixBit include:

  • Support for Amazon US, UK and Canada;
  • Full control of your Item Entry layout to create your own custom one page lister;
  • Batch change of pictures
  • Auto rotation of pictures on import
  • Updated folders to include counts and save their last expansion state

The company explained in its announcement to sellers, "When designing our Amazon functionality we worked very hard to make the Amazon integration as seamless as possible. To minimize the effect on our sellers, we wanted the process for listing and handling orders on all sites to work the same. As a result, the user interface will have very few changes, while we were still able to add powerful Amazon features."

You can learn more about SixBit 3.0 in the Release Notes on the SixBitSoftware.com website.

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