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eBay Tool SixBit Tackles Amazon and Eyes Etsy

By Ina Steiner
February 29, 2016

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SixBit, which helps online sellers list on eBay and auction site BidStart, will launch support for Amazon on Monday and is working on supporting the Etsy marketplace as well.

SixBit Software founder John Slocum said he's been running a limited beta of Amazon functionality and expects it to go into a public beta on Monday. "At that point any users will be able to try it out," he said. "We are expecting a full release sometime in April."

Slocum has been creating tools for eBay sellers since 1997 - before eBay had a program for outside developers. By 1999, eBay made him an offer and acquired his Blackthorne listing tool.

Slocum said SixBit users should not have any learning curve when using the tool for their Amazon listings, saying he was quite pleased how it turned out.

"The real advantage is that all of the infrastructure we have in place for importing/exporting data and processing orders is already there and mature for Amazon users to take advantage of," he said. "Amazon sellers who want to integrate with existing systems now have a whole new world of functionality they can get to by simply using our CSV, XML or API interface to get data in and out of the database."

SixBit is already in the process of developing support for Etsy. "With eBay's new focus on the small seller and crafty sellers, we think this will be the perfect bridge between the two," he said. And he said the tool's customization capability will be a boon for handmade sellers.

"One of the major advantages we have for Etsy sellers is the high level of process customization we offer. When a crafter receives an order, they often have to go through several processes of creation before shipping. They may need to add monogramming or paint something a particular color, etc.

"Our order processing allows users to create different statuses that they can move the orders through for each step in their process. For example, an In Process order may be in a custom "Awaiting Monogram" status."

Slocum believes eBay is focusing back on the small- to medium-sized seller once again, which he calls his sweet spot.

"We have a lot to offer small sellers and hope that they’ll check us out as they return to eBay," he said.

Note that sellers must have Pro Merchant accounts in order to use the Amazon management tools. SixBit packages start at the "Home & Hobby Level, at $19.99/mo., and go up to "Enterprise Duo" level at $99.99/mo.

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