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eBay Loses Photos on Busiest Day of the Week

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Shoppers searching eBay on Sunday were shown search results with photos missing from some listings. The problem occurred on what is typically the busiest day of the week on eBay.

Sellers busy loading new listings on eBay Sunday afternoon had difficulty uploading photos, leaving their listings with an ugly plain box showing in search results. A reader posted the problem on Ecommerce EKG, but eBay had no announcement about the problem on its Systems Announcement board.

Other sellers took to the eBay discussion boards to see if others were experiencing the same problem. At 2:17 pm PST, a seller asked, "Is any one else having issues loading photos? I'm losing my mind." Among the responses was a confirmation, "Yes, something is wrong for sure because all newly listed items aren't showing any photos. Sure hope it gets fixed quick!"

Some sellers said they hoped eBay would extend free listings, a reference to this eBay free listing promotion. "Thought it was me. I spent so much time on listing one thing today, and everything I relisted comes up blank on the list. Hurray. I do hope I get an extra day to list free auctions now that they've screwed the pooch for today."

The eBay Picture Hosting discussion board filled up quickly Sunday afternoon with reports of the problem.

While the reports escalated after 3 pm, there were reports as early as 12:25 pm. One exasperated seller wrote about the problem at 1:26 pm and urged his or her colleagues to call eBay to report the problem. "I have called twice today about pic problem, and was told I am the only one with complaint/problem. I explained how incredibly frustrating eBay makes the process of "contacting ebay" to "report problem"- endless loop of entering problem in field, hitting enter, and getting looped again... eBay doesn't have to hear about tech problems, if they make it impossible to report them. Brilliant strategy. Please, everyone, CALL, call, call."

The problem impacted new listings, bulk relists, relists, "sell similar" listings. One seller wrote, "Even older existing listings are missing pics. Do a search on anything - eBay is a SEA of "missing images.""

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