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eBay Runs September Million-Listing Promotion

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eBay is running an extended promotion in which sellers can list up to one million listings and pay no listing fees, assuming they were invited to participate. Since last year, eBay has run mostly invitation-only promotions, making it difficult to know how many and what kind of users it is targeting.

In a separate promotion that is still running, invited sellers are able to list up to 25,000 items per month in certain categories with no insertion fees right through the end of December - but that promotion excludes the auction format.

The latest promotion is restricted to auction or auction with Buy It Now and runs from September 15 - 25, 2013. While the promotion invites sellers to list up to one million auctions, eBay has placed limits on each seller account, and it's unlikely most smaller sellers would be able to list that volume of listings anyway. (Unfortunately, eBay appears to have made a mistake on the page, in one sentence describing the promotion as applying to auction listings, but in another sentence saying auctions are excluded. eBay has not yet responded to our inquiry sent over the weekend asking for clarification.)

Interestingly the invitation is missing the blue "Activate Now" button that is part of eBay's new policy: sellers will only begin receiving promotional rates when they activate it first.

The promotion is activated with the seller's qualifying eBay User ID and is not transferable. Only sellers whose accounts meet eBay's minimum seller performance standards are eligible.

All other fees apply, see eBay website for details and restrictions.

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