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eCrater Joins eBay in Restricting the Sale of Coupons

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After eBay placed restrictions on the sale of coupons on its marketplace, sellers looked for an alternative. But when online marketplace eCrater found it was flooded with merchants selling coupons due to the new eBay restrictions, it too, decided to place restrictions on the sale of coupons - and is banning them altogether.

eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore told EcommerceBytes that its new policy "reflects our commitment to keeping eBay a safe and trusted marketplace and our support for manufacturers and retailers' efforts to ensure consumer compliance with coupon redemption rules." As Newsflash reported last week, the updated policy allows users to sell up to $100 or 25 valid, unexpired original coupons per month and prohibits the sale of coupons for free items.

eCrater's Dimitar Slavov said there had been some issues in the past with expired/invalid coupons, although nothing too major. But it looked further and found that coupons are not allowed according to Google's merchant center policies.

After further investigation, it found that according to the FTC, "selling or transferring coupons to a third party violates most manufacturers' coupon redemption policies, and usually voids the coupon."

"Because of the above findings we decide to include the coupons in our not allowed list," Slavov said.

The Coupon Information Center, which vigorously fights coupon fraud and counterfeits, said it viewed such restrictions as a positive step going forward. Bud Miller, Executive Director, said he was "optimistic that it will reduce the chance that well meaning consumers will be victimized by a small number of criminals engaged in the illegal sale of counterfeit and stolen coupons. Ultimately, this should help enhance the integrity of couponing for the benefit of all consumers."

You can find the eCrater announcement about its new coupon policy on the eCrater announcement page.

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