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Bondsy Takes High Minded Approach to Commerce

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Remember when people thought Facebook might become a platform in which you could sell or get rid of your unwanted stuff by sharing with your network of friends and friends-of-friends? While that may occur, Facebook has not become the social networking version of Craigslist. But that hasn't stopped people from trying to combine socializing with cleaning out the attic.

Bondsy is one such site, though it takes a more high-minded approach - it's "more about the sharing economy - less about money," according to a spokesperson.

Bondsy also adds a mobile element - "a social networking app for trading and bartering items with friends on your iPhone." And thanks to the iPhone's camera, it's easy to snap a photo and upload it to sites and apps like Bondsy.

The company is not targeting merchants or marketplace sellers - it encourages users to be creative and have fun by listing things other than money.

"Recommerce, repurposing, and sharing has become a growing trend among consumers these days, who are more inclined to swapping than purchasing - pointing to a pivotal shift in consumer behavior and perception," according to the spokesperson. "Bondsy is purposely staying away from selling items for money, focusing more on trading belongings, fist bumps, and home-cooked meals. Diego Zambrano, founder and CEO of Bondsy, found that when you're not restricted to paying strictly with money, things get a lot more interesting!"

Zambrano is a Brazilian designer who worked as a creative director in advertising for almost 10 years at companies including Ogilvy NY, R/GA NY and Saatchi Brazil. Bondsy was part of TechStars 2012, and it raised a seed round from Thrive Capital, Betaworks, Chris Dixon, David Tisch, Joshua Stylman, Peter Hershberg, Steve Martocci, Jared Hecht and Patrick Keane.

The company is a team of five with office in Brooklyn, New York. Currently Bondsy doesn't have a revenue model - "they just want to provide a platform to allow friends to exchange and share items - it's more about the experience than the money at this point."

You can visit where you'll find a link to its blog and to its app on Apples app store.

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