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Sellers Choice Awards: Merchants Rate Top Ecommerce Services

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Every year, EcommerceBytes gives online sellers the opportunity to rate the services they use in their ecommerce businesses in the annual Sellers Choice Awards. Not only do they provide marketplaces and service providers with useful feedback, but sellers are provided with information they can use when evaluating tools to save time and make money.

It's now time for the third annual Sellers Choice Awards in the Online Payments category. And based on reader feedback, we've opened the Sellers Choice Awards to three additional categories this year: Storefronts & Shopping Carts; Email List Hosting Services; and Inventory Listing and Management Tools.

Why Vote?
Online merchants are hungry for information about service providers, whether they're brand new startups or old hands. The Sellers Choice Awards are a great way to see what your colleagues think of the services they use every day. You'll be able to rate services on a number of criteria in each category to get a more well rounded picture of each one.

When the Sellers Choice Awards are announced, you'll be able to see what your peers think and will learn which online payment service, storefront/shopping cart, email service and inventory management tools ranked highest. The survey won't take as long to complete as it looks - many service providers are included, but you'll only be rating the ones you've used.

The 2013 Sellers Choice Marketplace Awards were conducted earlier this year (you can see this year's results here).

Now please take a few minutes to rate the services you use in the Sellers Choice Awards survey in Survey Monkey.

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