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New Etsy Search Tool Saves Sellers Editing Time

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Etsy rolled out a new tool for sellers to help them navigate their listings that can help save time when editing their listings. The search tool is in testing (called Prototype) and is designed to help streamline the way that sellers manage their listings and keep their shops up-to-date.

Sellers can join the "Search Within Your Shop" prototype to try it. Etsy explained, "We've noticed that sellers with large shops will frequently use the "Search in this shop" feature on their shop's home page to find the listings that they want to edit. We've added this search feature to your Active Listings page, so that you can search and edit your listings in one place. We've also given this page a slight face lift which we hope will make it a little easier to use."

Etsy explained that sellers would be able to search for one or more listings using keywords, and make the standard changes on each listing as usual.

Sellers who joined the prototype had positive comments about the new search feature. One explained that if she decided to renew all of her items that were tagged "pearl," she would no longer have to find them one by one. Another seller wrote, "You guys read my mind! It will be soooo much easier for me to spot check my listed inventories and make quantity / price adjustments on specific items."

One seller made a suggestion that would build on the new feature by allowing sellers to search for more than just keywords. "The first search I did was for $3, so I could update all my listings with $3 shipping. I got nothing. Is this search going to allow me to do that? I tried a few words in descriptions and it didn't seem to find those either. I'd like to search on shipping prices and process time too, as I need to change those if I get behind on shipping."

Etsy said it also moved the location of the Bulk Edit button so it would be easier for sellers to find and use it.

Sellers interested in testing the new "Search Within Your Shop" can join this Etsy Prototype team.

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