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New Terapeak Analytics Tool Supports Magento, eBay and Amazon

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Terapeak has launched an extension for Magento merchants who also sell on eBay and Amazon. MySales is a sales analytics application extension that is integrated with Terapeak's flagship solution, Terapeak for eBay.

Terapeak MySales provides Magento retailers with insight into their sales data across multiple channels in a single dashboard, and merchants can add as many channels as they wish. The company described the problem the tool is designed to solve: "Many online merchants waste precious time screen hopping, logging in to multiple sites, multiple times and then conducting tedious analysis using spreadsheets, so they can view and compare their sales performance in one place."

Terapeak said MySales also automatically provides Magneto merchants with information to determine if there's a viable market opportunity for them to sell merchandise on eBay.

Terapeak serves more than 1.3 million online retailers of all sizes who use it to evaluate price points, market trends, and their competition.

Kevin North, President and CEO of Terapeak, said, "We want our customers to have access to information and tools that will enable them to achieve greater visibility into their own sales performance. By having the ability to compare their activity across multiple channels, our customers can determine how and where they can diversify their business. MySales is a natural extension of the market intelligence that Terapeak currently provides to online merchants."

More information is available on the Terapeak website.

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