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Bonanza Signs up One Millionth User to Much Fanfare

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Bonanza, an online marketplace launched in 2008 as an alternative for disgruntled eBay users, signed up its one millionth user on Wednesday evening at 9:49 PST. As EcommerceBytes previously reported, Bonanza sellers had been eagerly anticipating the event for weeks and had turned it into a marketing opportunity.

To entice new users to sign up, sellers donated prizes to the one millionth registrant and decorated their stores (called booths) with celebratory banners, as well as promoting the event on social networking channels.

The person who helped Bonanza turn the counter to seven digits was LuLu of lulu_collections. She had been unaware of the promotion until she received a phone call Thursday morning from Bonanza's Mark Dorsey.

LuLu said she registered for Bonanza after one of her friends told her about the site. "I use to sell my preowned high end purse and brand new RUCINNI crystal collections on eBay for more than one year," she told EcommerceBytes. She said she signed up for Bonanza to increase her sales by listing beyond eBay.

Other Bonanza users welcomed LuLu on a special thread. "It's so excited being the one millionth register here," she said, and said she was appreciative of all that Bonanza users were doing for her.

Bonanza founder Bill Harding told EcommerceBytes they were all excited about the milestone. "While we have seen numerous marketplaces come and go (many with millions in funding) during the 4-plus years we've been running Bonanza, with the help of our community, we just keep growing sales and users every single year. And I think we're just hitting our stride now - the projects we have slated for release in 2013 are undoubtedly the most game-changing of anything we've done to date."

Bonanza user Scott Geare attributed the site's growth to a "mix of technology, venture capital support, the willingness to experiment, ease of use, a growing membership and product mix, very astute programmers, and a dedicated base of users."

Harding said, "the bigger we get, the faster we grow... I'm hoping we'll be welcoming our two millionth in early 2014."

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