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Etsy Conference Opens in Brooklyn on Friday

By Julia Wilkinson

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In previous years, it's been in Germany and the Netherlands. This year, Etsy's annual Hello Etsy Conference comes back to its U.S. roots, and will be hosted at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. The event will run from Friday, March 22 to Sunday, March 24.

With the theme "Reimagine the Marketplace," Etsy realized that "we can't improve our environmental and social impact in isolation - we need to incorporate our peers, our colleagues, and all community members in a joint transformation of the way business is done," wrote Katie Hunt-Moor on the official Etsy Blog post about the conference.

The gathering will also "address the future of consumption, new methods of production, alternative approaches to work, and more purposeful ways of doing business," according to the Hello Etsy website. "Together, we will discuss building the creative economy of the future - one that is connected, human-scaled, joyful, and lasting. We hope to prove that business does not have to be brutal to be successful and fulfilling."

Speakers include Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson, and President of the Foundation on Economic Trends Jeremy Rifkin, who will deliver the keynote addresses; and Executive Director of the New Economics Foundation Stewart Wallis on "Good Jobs, Good Business, & Good Markets."

Other notable speakers include Alex Blumberg, of NPR's "Planet Money," on "The Fragile Economy"; former Wired magazine editor and CEO of 3D Robotics Chris Anderson on "The New Industrial Revolution"; and Karen Brown, designer and Creative Director of the Center for Ecoliteracy, on "Can Making It Yourself Make a Difference in the World?" (A complete list of speakers and their topics is at Hello Etsy).

Hands-on workshops will also be part of the schedule this year, among them getting "unstuck" with Dr. LeeAnn Renninger's "Tools for Sustainable Enthusiasm," and exploring "mindfulness" with Michael Carroll at "Making Fear Your Best Business Partner."

Etsyians commenting on the Hello Etsy blog post had mostly enthusiastic reactions to the event, with some liking the Pratt Institute as a location: "Lots of Pratt alumni in our family and amongst friends, I'm happy to see this partnership!" wrote one Etsy user. Others lamented they would not be able to afford the trip: "Considering Etsy is global, the $85 makes it affordable only to locals. Otherwise it does sounds interesting," wrote AntwarePottery. And Amanda, Dot, Liz lamented, "I would love to attend," but that it was too far away and cost prohibitive for her right now. However, she suggested, "It would be sooooooo cool if Etsy would do a drawing for an all-expense-paid trip (for) lucky Etsians."

You can find the schedule of the conference online, and follow the Hello Etsy conference on Twitter or on Facebook. Want some visuals? Check out the photos of the Berlin conference on Flickr.

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