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Etsy's Running a Sweepstakes - Pinterest-ed?

By David A. Utter

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Online marketplace Etsy announced a stylish little sweepstakes that's just getting under way. One fortunate and style-loving winner of the contest will receive what we like to call "fabulous prizes" - a $1000 Etsy gift card and a copy of the Jonathan Adler book, 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your life.

The contest is the Get Chic Sweepstakes on Pinterest. Etsy said on its blog, "Simply repin 5 of your favorite bright and beautiful home goods from our Get Chic Sweepstakes Pinterest board, and you could be entered to win." There are, of course, rules for the sweepstakes, which can be viewed here.

Emily Henderson, HGTV's host of "Secrets from a Stylist" and a Pinterest enthusiast as well, has fond memories of her early time with Jonathan Adler. In promoting the sweepstakes, she recounted one memorable encounter with the well-known designer:

"One day I was wearing this bright yellow vintage caplet jacket thing - I'm talking SCHOOL BUS YELLOW - and he grabbed it and said, "I think this might be 5000 percent polyester, but I like it." And that's the stuff you remember from people you really admire when you are 23."

Etsy interviewed Jonathan Adler recently about his career, in which he transitioned from "failing and unemployable" to a well-known brand. "I wish I could put Etsy in a time machine and send it back to 1993 when I was getting my start as a potter. The fact that craftspeople can now control their own distribution is nothing short of a miracle," he said.

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