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New Feature Shows What's Hot on Etsy

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Etsy introduced a new feature that shows what's hot on Etsy. From a link on the homepage, Trending Items ( shows which items are popular on the marketplace. Etsy said the feature was especially useful for new shoppers and would give them a "tip of the iceberg" view of the marketplace and inspire them to explore more through Search and Browse.

However, one of a kind (OOAK) items won't show up in the new feature.

Etsy populates the Trending Items page automatically with up to 400 items that "have been appealing to shoppers recently." A combination of factors, which Etsy calls "shopper cues," are taken into account, including number of views, favorites and purchases. The items are not hand-selected, but Etsy said it makes sure that variety of listing categories are represented so that the results show a good mix of items.

Since an item having more than one purchase is one of the shopper cues Etsy looks at, "strictly one-of-a-kind handmade and vintage items may not be common on this page."

"Sigh....I guess my OOAK rugs won't be seen much," was one seller's reaction. "I'll just keep plugging along. I still believe in handmade and will always believe in a handmade marketplace. But it seems Etsy keeps getting further and further away from thier (sic) original design."

Another seller who was new to Etsy said one of her items came up on the Trending page. 'I don't know that it will amount to anything, but I am super excited for the additional exposure, however it comes. I hope it continues that way and isn't just the same people over and over again."

In response to one seller's concern, an Etsy moderator wrote, "We don't expect the Trending Items page to divert traffic from shoppers who've come to Etsy with an item already in mind - they will probably use Search or Browse. The Trending Items page is meant to be a fun, quick way to explore what others are excited about on Etsy."

She also responded to concerns about items from resellers. "We do understand the concerns about resellers and want to assure you that we do take this matter very seriously. Because the Trending Items page is not curated, all items in the Etsy marketplace are eligible to appear on this page." And she advised users to report any item or shop that they think may not be following Etsy's policies.

Etsy said once an item is sold out, it is no longer eligible to show in Trending Items. Visitors can click on "See Similar Items" under any item displays the original item along with similar listings from the same shop highlighted first, followed by similar items from other shops.

Sellers will be able to see if any of their items appear on the new feature by looking in their Shop Stats for views under "Trending Items." At launch, the page refreshes daily. Etsy advised sellers to optimize for relevancy; work on improving product photography; and share their items outside of Etsy including through social media and blogs.

Etsy announced Trending Items on Tuesday and sellers reacted on the forums.

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