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Smart TVs Could Move Ecommerce to the Boob Tube

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Appliances are getting smarter thanks to technology, including televisions, which have traditionally been mocked for their less than intellectual output. The trend is leading to a whole new dimension for shoppers and merchants.

One company hoping to capitalize on what's being called T-commerce (television commerce) is Delivery Agent, self described as "the leader in shopping-enabled entertainment for more than 350 of the world's leading global media brands."

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Delivery Agent announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., to offer Samsung Smart TV owners the ability to interact with their programming in a new way: to shop the shows they are watching.

For example, while watching a show called New Girl, viewers can purchase clothing and accessories that the character Jess wears during the episode by either clicking the remote while watching the program - there will be in-show bugs notifying viewers unobtrusively that this option exists - or by navigating to the application marketplace and accessing the "Shop the Shows" app.

Built by Delivery Agent, this T-commerce shopping platform taps into Delivery Agent's proprietary database of products mapped to television content in order to present the right products at the right time. The company says the new application allows fans to easily shop within the programs they are watching and is planning to launch in 2013.

As we've reported in the past, eBay is positioning itself to take advantage of T-commerce, and over the summer, Wall Street firm Janney Montgomery Scott LLC said eBay's PayPal unit was well positioned with its large customer base, merchant network and customer service capabilities to provide a cross channel/programming checkout experience.

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