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eBay Gives Chinese Fashion Site Access to Top Rated Listings

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eBay is making new, fixed-price listings from Top Rated Sellers available to Chinese shoppers through an agreement with fashion site The listings will be limited to fashion and accessories and will be found at, which the companies are calling eBay Style.

"You'll get this extra exposure and traffic from buyers in China automatically - no additional work on your end required - creating an easy way for you to grow your business," eBay announced to its U.S. sellers.

Auction listings are excluded; only fixed-price 30-day listings for new items in the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Health & Beauty, or Jewelry & Accessories categories are eligible for inclusion in eBay Style.

As well as providing the platform for eBay Style, will be responsible for curating and translating the inventory from eBay with a product search and browsing experience suited to Chinese consumers. will also provide local returns and Chinese language customer service. All transactions by Xiu will have the same look and view as any domestic transaction.

eBay explained to sellers, "When a Chinese buyer purchases your item, Xiu buys the item and pays you via PayPal. Once you ship your sold item to Xiu's U.S. fulfillment center as a local shipment, Xiu takes it from there and your work is done! Xiu will provide feedback and detailed seller ratings based on their experience with the U.S. seller. Xiu handles all sales, logistics and customer service for the buyer in China."

When asked how eBay would handle returns when it comes to Xiu transactions, eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore said, "U.S. sellers will view and treat Returns from Xiu like any other domestic transaction. Xiu will be responsible for the international portion of the return shipping. The domestic portion of the return shipping will be determined by the details of the sellers' Return Policy."

Asked if sellers would be able to opt-out of exposure, Moore said, "For sellers wishing to opt-out from this experience, they will need to contact eBay Customer Support or their account manager. Of note, all payments will be made to the seller through Paypal at this time."

eBay said it will support the launch of eBay Style in China with a brand marketing, public relations and social media campaign as well as new smartphone and tablet applications. eBay Style will include up to 5000 brands in apparel, handbags and shoes, accessories, health and beauty and other lifestyle categories. was founded in 2008 and is located in Shenzhen with approximately 800 employees; investors include KPCB and Warburg Pincus. A 2011 Bloomberg article about Xiu cited a Bain & Co. report that predicted mainland China would become the third- largest luxury market by 2016.

eBay Inc. employs almost 1,500 people in China, where it runs an export business enabling thousands of Chinese entrepreneurs to sell to a global customer base via eBay's platforms and PayPal's payments solutions.

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