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eBay Private Promotion Runs into a Glitch

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Some eBay sellers who received an invitation to a private promotion this week were frustrated in their attempts to take advantage of the sale, and an eBay spokesperson confirmed there was a glitch.

eBay invited a select group of registered users to list up to 5,000 fixed-price listings and pay no listing fees. The eBay sale kicked off on Thursday, November 8th - but some users who received the invitation said eBay was charging them to list.

A seller created a thread on the eBay boards on Thursday morning, "Why am I being charged for my free listings?" The seller wrote, "I got the invitation for the free listings. Just started to list and I am being charged....whats up? Anyone else having this problem. My listings are for 7 days."

Other sellers said they too were being charged for what were supposed to be free listings.

eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore told EcommerceBytes, "There has been a glitch impacting a very small portion of sellers for this promotion. We're currently working on a fix and intend to credit back the impacted users with the promo offer for today."

One seller said, "It's not the amount of money itself which is so infuriating - it's the amount of time and aggravation you we have to endure to try to get something fixed and to try to get questions answered. All in vain, so far."

Another agreed, "Yes, it is frustrating. I won't have much time over the next few days to list so was hoping to get a lot of it done today. So far, thats not happening. Which means if they don't fix it soon, this promotion will be of no use to me."

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