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What eBay Sellers Should Know about FedEx

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eBay announced this week that sellers would soon be able to print FedEx shipping labels through eBay's single label printing flow. eBay has long allowed the printing of USPS and UPS labels through the PayPal and eBay shipping programs but had excluded FedEx. eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore provided EcommerceBytes with answers to some questions about the program.

When asked if eBay would add the FedEx label-printing capability to PayPal as well as to eBay, Moore said, "The label printing feature is focused primarily on eBay - there will be no additions to PayPal at this time."

eBay had also excluded FedEx from its shipping calculator, which provides accurate shipping costs to buyers based on their location for those eBay listings where sellers have chosen to use the calculator rather than using a flat rate shipping cost. The calculator allows for USPS and UPS rates.

When asked if eBay would be adding FedEx to the shipping calculator, Moor said, "FedEx will not be included in the shipping calculator for this initial FedEx launch. However, eBay is currently working on additional features with FedEx, which customers can expect to see in 2013."

Moore has not yet responded to a question about PayPal Multiorder shipping options that came from a reader: "Can someone ask eBay why PayPal MultiOrder Shipping does not have all the options (Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate envelopes for example) as eBay Shipping or Click N Ship?"

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