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Bonanza Goes Back to Its Roots

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Bonanza founder Bill Harding said he wants to refocus the site away from fashion to go back to the marketplace's roots and will be launching a new hompage design. "After reviewing the data from the last year, we ultimately decided that Bonanza's roots in "everything but the ordinary" is bigger than just fashion, and our home page should showcase the items that our merchants are actually selling right now," Harding said.

The new design, which he said is almost identical to previous home page before Bonanza put up the current fashion-centric version, shows a "more accurate perception of Bonanza's breadth for our buyers," and, he said "it means more sales for our merchants that get featured on the homepage."

The changes won't end with a new homepage design. "This is actually going to be the first in a series of steps we take over the next couple months to refocus Bonanza's brand on the joy of browsing," Harding said.

Bonanza changed the home page design last year, replacing the curated "Hand Picked Lists" with a slider showing four slides.

Harding said on Tuesday, "We think that what sets us apart from other marketplaces is our "product graph" - the data and algorithms that tell us what is related to what. We are going to be showcasing our product graph much more visibly in the months to come by using it to direct the browsing experience for buyers."

"We want our home page to be a jumping off point for browsing, and we really couldn't think of a better way to induce that than to bring back the home page that we (and many of our sellers) know and love," he said.

Update: Bonanza posted the announcement on this page.

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